About AI4quant

你好,我們是 AI4quant,台灣矽谷混血的新創公司,由一群來自台灣,放眼國際,活潑又積極的創業團隊所組成!熱衷於解決現實的問題,並相信透過我們每個人都能夠為世界帶來改變的因子。 我們在 2018 年的 8 月台北成立,2019 年的 3 月找到美國矽谷合夥人加入,平均年齡接近 36 的很有創新想法的一群夥伴,這一切的動力都是因為我們渴望 透過人工智慧解決問題,相信自己正在做的事情能帶給社會很大的正向改變,團隊中有美國Purdue PhD學歷、美國UC Berkeley學歷、台灣台大碩士、台灣交大碩士、 美國eBay、美國Oracle、台灣趨勢科技、台灣聯發科工作經驗等的資歷。 感謝一起造夢的夥伴,認同我們的理念,對於面臨重重的挑戰、解決的議題有成就感或興趣,歡迎一同搭上這艘開往未知,有著許多挑戰的船上。
Hello, we are AI4quant, a hybrid startup of Taiwan and Silicon Valley. The group of people comes from Taiwan. We are targeting global market. We are a very energetic startup. We are eager to solve real-world problems. We believe that through our hard-working spirit, we can change the world. The company was established in August 2018 in Taipei. Partner in Silicon Valley joined the team in March 2019. The average age of the team members is 36. We are a group of innovative people. The driver is that we would like to solve problems by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe that what we are doing can bring positive impact to the society. The team members are composed of US Purdue PhD, US UC Berkeley, Taiwan NTU Master, Taiwan NCTU Master education, US eBay, US Oracle, Taiwan Trend Micro,Taiwan MediaTek ... working experiences. Thanks for friends who would like to make dream come ture with us even when we face multiple challenges, and solve tough problems. Let's row a boat to a lot of unknown places along a lot of challenging paths.


艾泉資訊股份有限公司的英文名「AI4quant」,源自英語詞「AI for quantum computing era」。

The origin of the company name

「AI4quant」comes from 「AI for quantum computing era」

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