Our vision 願景
We help our clients to bring in machine learning/ artificial intelligence and improve their service, quality and efficiency.
Each employee will have more room for creativity, flexibility of thinking, and innovation speed

Machine Learning Research Engineer 【Growth Team】

[ Job Summary ]
- AI4quant 致力於協助客戶導入AI model來提升客戶的服務品質,將會和客戶一起研究資料的統計特性,開發具有很好的AUROC(Area under ROC curve)或是其他統計metrics
[ What You Will Be Doing ]
- Research and evaluate pioneering machine learning and statistical model
- Work with PM to understand customers' problems and domain knowledge
- Familiar with machine learning techniques to design and operate modeling
- Proactively solve problems and improve machine-learning model
[ We Are Looking For ]
- Master or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or Engineering related discipline
- 1~5+ years of hands-on machine-learning research and development
- Python programming
- Remain open to continuous learning
- Learn and modify open source machine-learning code
- (good to have)Be familiar with AWS services
[ What We Offer ]
- Monthly salary - NT$50K-100K (plus 2-month year-end bonus, total 14 months)
- Working hour: 9:30 ~ 18:30,中午休息(12:00~13:00)
- American work style - 彈性時間
- Equity is possible -> 0 ~ 0.25% (加入半年後會評估給予多少股數)
Equity: 認股權憑證(stock options),請參考別公司的範例
任職時程 可行使認股權比例(累計)
屆滿二年 50%
屆滿三年 75%
屆滿四年 100%

If you are interested in applying for the job, please send your resume in pdf format, or cakeresume profile to jason_chuang@ai4quant.com

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