Jason Chuang
Tzu-Cheng(Jason) Chuang,莊子政
Founder / CEO
Jason 是軟體工程師、架構師、發明家和企業家。他是機器學習、系統設計 的專家。他從美國Purdue獲得博士,曾在美國eBay、台灣趨勢科技工作過。
Jason is a software engineer, architect, inventer and entrepreneur. He is an expert in machine learning and system design. He got his Ph.D. from Purdue Univeristy in USA. He previously worked at eBay in USA and Trend Micro in Taiwan.
Tina Tung
Tina Tung, 董世婷
董世婷女士共同創立了AI4quant Inc.,負責NA和EMEA地區的業務開發,營銷,客戶關係和運營。於2018年因其在工作行業, 社區和其他領導角色中的影響而入選矽谷商業期刊2018年影響力女性。 除了她的商業投資,董女士還擁有工程背景和超過17年的軟件開發,產品和運營知識。她曾在Oracle Inc.和Sage Intacct Inc.的全球公司工作,從首席軟件工程師到發布經理,負責監督軟件開發過程的各個方面以及從頭到尾的交付。 董女士在加州大學伯克利大學獲得計算機科學應用數學學位。
Ms. Tina Tung co-founded AI4quant Inc. heading NA and EMEA region’s Business Development, Marketing, Customer Relationships, and Operations. In 2018, Ms. Tung was named to the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2018 Woman of Influence for her influence in her industries, communities, and other leadership roles. Besides her business ventures, Ms. Tung has an engineering background and over 17 years of Software Development, Product, and Operations knowledge. She has worked for Oracle Inc. and Sage Intacct Inc. global companies from Principal Software Engineer to a Release Manager overseeing various aspects of software development process and delivery from start to finish. Ms. Tung obtained her degree in Applied Mathematics focused in Computer Science from The University of California at Berkeley.