AIQUAN AI-ECG platform

We integrate heart patch sensor with AI diagnosis for early detetion of irregular heartbeat to reduce the chance of stroke in older seniors. Artrial fibrillation(AF) is the mostly-common seen irregular heartbeat in clinical. The prevalance rate is about 2 % for general public. In epidemiological surveys, it shows that the patients with AF has 4 times higher chance to get stroke than normal people. Therefore, we leverage AI for early detection of AF , and patients can go to hospital for treatment to reduce the stroke in seniors.
我們整合了心臟貼片ECG感應器和利用AI判讀心律不整來降低中風在高齡醫療的發生機率。心房顫動(Artrial fibrillation)是臨床上最常見的一種心律不整,依盛行率調查,估計約2%的民眾曾經有過。根據流行病學的調查發現,心房顫動的病人發生腦中風的機會是正常人的四倍以上,所以我們透過AI來早期偵測出心房顫動,來引導病患就醫,以減少高齡老人的中風發生。


We work with clients to develop the best AI model in terms of large AUROC( Area Under ROC curve), reduced false positive, good sensitivity(true positive), goog specificity(true negative).
Example#1: Single lead ECG recording to predict normal sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation (AF), an alternative rhythm, or is too noisy to be classified.

AIQUAN Real-time monitoring and alert system

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