Strength of our services

Why scalable for big data

Our founder, Jason Chuang has working experience at eBay to run tera-bytes of data injest daily. He is familiar with MPP database for big data analytics. He had experience for moving high volume data across data centers/platform systems.


Why strong data pipeline

Our founder, Jason Chuang has working experience at Trend Micro to connect different data pipelines for different consumer products. Without data pipeline, the machine learning engine won't have data to run.

我們的創辦人Jason有豐富的經驗在資料工作流(TrendMicro趨勢科技工作3年多),蒐集不同的consumer產品使用者資料的匯入。 如果沒有資料工作流,就像是引擎沒有油可以運作。

Machine Learning expert

Our founder, Jason Chuang got his PhD degree from Purduce University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Thesis is about improving machine learning classification. Jason participated in ML predictive model research, and the research got US patent.

我們的創辦人Jason從美國的普渡學校獲得博士學位,論文是提高機器學習的辨識率。 Jason所參與的機器學習預測模型獲得美國專利。

Why powerful computing

Our founder, Jason Chuang indivisually set up HPC cluster (MPP) when he was at Academia Sinica. Jason can also setup Nvidia GPU accelerator to improve training speed.

我們的創辦人Jason在中央研究院工作時,獨自建立了16-node HPC cluster,也有能力設置GPU加速器來減少訓練時間。

Which algorithms

There are many statistics and machine learning model to choose from, the following chart just shows a few of them.